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Glittery Fun

I bought these as a gift for a 10 year old whose just getting into makeup. Since she's young, I wanted to start her off with something sheer but still shiny and these fit the bill. She says they taste good but the glitter can be hard to see (which for our use case was ok). Would definitely re-buy when these are used up.

Love them

I love these lil glosses and I'm 13. And I just still love the smell of them, they are so cute and shiny. I got these for school and I think it will nock them of there seats. When I walk by and they smell orange, starwbarry, lemon, grape, vanilla, blueberry, or cherry. I love all of them the cherry and vanilla are pretty strong. So I recommend that you put something under the gloss so it's not to strong. Also if you get head acks easy. Anyway love them.

Perfect Gift for Young Girls

The item arrived in a nice pink package and it was an awesome stocking stuffer for xmas. I gave these to my nieces and the ones that were 10-12 years old were especialy thrilled. They traded each other for colors they wanted which is why I liked that it came with multiple colors. They are all scented and will all show as sheer gloss. But they do have a slight color tint, based on their colors. The pink one, for example, has a slight pink tint, but it is not really noticeable they will all appear glossy and sheer for the most part.

So many colors, easy to clean up, nice smell

My 3 year old daughter loves this nail polish. There are so many colors, we have a blast painting our nails now. These don’t smell like your typical adult nail polish either, it’s a very nice fragrance, not irritating to the nostrils at all. It peels off super easily, so if you mess up a nail, or paint on the skin a little, no big deal. The downside to that is, it peels off super easily, and my daughter loves to peel it off after it’s just dried and then she wants to paint them all over again :/ Overall, I would recommend this because it’s super cute, lots of color choices and it’s easy to clean up.

Great for adults too!

Review for adults: I’m giving my nails a break from gel polish and wanted to try something fun that wouldn’t cause damage. This polish is great! Photos are after four days. No chips or peeling. I used two coats of color and then a clear top coat. Peeled it off on day five with no problems but the polish seemed ready to last a couple more days!

Easy to clean up and safe for kids

This nail polish set is super fun! My 4 year old got it for her birthday. She loves to pain her nails so with it being water based it’s easy to clean up! Definitely recommend

Perfect for us

Went on nicely. Stayed on my fingernails a couple of days, and peeled off nicely (2 coats, no top coat). It's generally for my small kids so peeling off easily and being non-toxic was what we were looking for. Better than the ones we had previously from a different manufacturer and perfect for us.

Works great - comes off VERY easily.

This polish is perfect for the 3-6 year old set. The polish goes on nicely, has bold color and even some bottles of sparkles (use them over the color!). But it does peel off within even a few hours. It has no chemical smell - or smell at all. The nail stickers and toe separators were a nice surprise as I didn't realize it came with those.

The ONLY nail polish I’ll ever buy for the rest of my life.

It is completely odorless.
It applies, dries & sets better than any nail polish I’ve ever used.
It’s shiny and stayed on, without chipping, for a full week.
Peeled off with ease and did ZERO damage to my nail bed.